About us

About Us

We are a social organization, working with poor families to help provide their children with the opportunity to attend school. We support these children with their tuition fee, textbooks, uniforms, school supplies, notebooks and much more!

When the deadly earthquakes of 2015 devastated Nepal, many homes, schools, businesses, and other infrastructure were destroyed or damaged. While many in the world community donated to help, little support has reached those who need it most, as funds have not been disbursed to most households. Many families still live in temporary structures, they are still lacking in daily necessities. The local government maintains a registry of all families affected by the earthquake.

From this list, 250 children from our area were identified as needing educational support. Our mission is to raise funds for the following:

  • Sending children back to school to obtain a proper education
  • Supplemental food during their education
  • Health check-ups as required.
  • Community development, etc.

This organization is a non-profit, non-political, “charity organization”.

The mission of this organization is to give educational support for the destitute and natural disaster children and the main aim of Care4Nepal is to provide the opportunity of a decent education, and in the long term, enable them and their families with support through community development projects.


Besides these, Care4Nepal (Herchaha Nepal) has the following objectives:

Support the poor

  • To support the poor, helpless, orphans, and natural disaster children within the kingdom of Nepal and provide them with an education.

Help the marginalized community

  • To help the marginalized community as required.

Cooperate with NGOs & INGOs

  • To cooperate with NGOs & INGOs in being partners or semi-partners.

Help with the sponsorship programs

  • To help with the sponsorship programs within different organizations, schools, etc.
So far we have been supporting 16 children from 5 different schools in their schooling–which you can see below in the pictures of their various activities.

Who we are

To fulfill these aims we have following professional team. We work together from different countries to help of poor and needy children and people. All of us are very experience and professional working with charily. To establish relationship with domestic and foreign donors to rise funds in order to fulfill the above objectives, Care4Nepal believe that many individuals, Organizations, groups, that know and love Nepal, are looking for ways to help the country develop and it is clear that good education for children and natural disaster community support are the major factors in achieving the long term sustainable development of the country

Lisa Hans – USA

E-mail: lisarhans@gmail.com

Lisa Hans is a volunteer, mother of two, and registered nurse from New York, United States of America. She has been involved in fundraising and support for Care4Nepal for two years and visited the schools and children in July 2017. While in Nepal, she met with Prakash, each principal of the schools , and the parents of the children in their homes. She continues to volunteer for education in Nepal and is active in support for refugee populations both abroad and domestically.

Barbara Taft – USA

E-mail: beejayssite@yahoo.com

Barbara Taft is a longtime teacher of international students, living in Mesa, Arizona. Currently, she owns a private school, The Accent Expert. She has traveled to 60 countries, where she has tried to be a visitor, rather than a tourist. Her life has been spent trying to make the world a better place, by working for peace and justice, civil and human rights, and for relief for those who are suffering. She believes that, if everyone does just a little bit, all can benefit, and the world will be a much happier and healthier place for all. Everyone should have access to the basics: clean air and water, sufficient food to eat, shelter, clothing, and education. From these things, a better quality of life can be obtained.

Michele Abondance – France

E-mail: michele.chassignol@gmail.com

Michele Abondance, After more than 40 years crossed in the world of the travel and the organization of incentives and congress, I am a happy retired woman since a few years, I discovered a concept which allows everybody to realize any legal project, even without having money at the bank. It’s called crowd funding. And furthermore, she discovered a unique mutual and community platform. She loves what she is doing with that platform. She know that because of her and other people who are following she… They are all able to make a better world by helping other people. So when she saw the cry for help of care4Nepal, simply decided to help all the Nepalese children to follow studies, and she helps the project for this association.

Dianne G. Brause – USA

E-mail: dianne.brause@yahoo.com

Dianne Brause is a 73-year old American woman, always drawn to people and cultures from around the world. She has an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, Co-founded an Intentional Community in Oregon, USA, and has taught in various alternative colleges. Currently, she is pursuing a Dr. in Ministry Degree through Ubiquity University, which is a newly forming global, mostly on-line university. She is also helping to create a scholarship program for UU, as well as serving on various nonprofit boards. She has a passion to see a just and sustainable Peace come to the Holy Land.

Prakash Dangol – Nepal

E-mail: care4nepal18@gmail.com

Prakash Dangol is the trained Social Worker, he has an experience of one decade working with different NGOs and INGO in different positions. He has started Care4Nepal formally since after devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. His aim is to support of poor, needy and victim children go back to school for their education. He is working with different generous people from different countries like USA, France, Netherlands, Canada, UK, Australia, and etc. He wants to run own school of the organization the Care4Nepal for its sustainable and its projects.

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