20th June 2018

20th June 2018

We at Care4Nepal are proud to announce that we have successfully completed two full years of support in sending 16 of our poor and earthquake victim children back to school. We are very proud and appreciative of all the Donors, Sponsors, Contributors and Well-Wishers who have helped us with this accomplishment so far and continue to do so during the 2018 project year! At the beginning, we really did not believe that people would help this project on an on-going basis, but you have proved us wrong through your continuing support!

As usual we have distributed school fees, school supplies, textbooks, notebooks, etc.today. We have some children in our waiting list that still need your support to able to go back to school along with the others. As usual, we appreciate your continuing support and heartily welcome any new donors and sponsors to help in increasing the number of children we are able to send back to school.
We have updated our previous campaign link for more accountability with few more features that you can use onwards to make your Payment/Donation & Contributions!


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