Current or Ongoing Projects

As a Non Government Organization, not for profit charitable Nepali organization, Care4Nepal has accomplished many projects since its initiation and continues to go forward with these and other new ones. Some of project activities are listed briefly below.

Library Establishment:

Care4Nepal is supporting the creation of a small library at one of the government school in Shnkhu.

Raingear Donations:

The monsoon season was approaching and many students desperately needed some rain gear. So, Care4Nepal donated bad weather gear for the students of two different schools outside of Kathmandu.

Project “Go Back to School”:

Since after the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, we have been helping poor, earthquake victim children go back to school for their education in the village, Sankhu. “We believe in the power of knowledge and education to make this world a better place for every single person. Every single soul deserves the opportunity to live, dream, and have the ability to make those dreams reality. We believe there are enough resources worldwide to support every living thing, if we live responsibly.” So far we are supporting 16 kids, and our aim is to support all 250 needy and earthquake victim children in their education. In order to help them all, we are looking for additional new sponsors and donors. Please look at our gallery for photos of our children and their activities.

Library project:

Villages within developing countries are often not easy to reach, due to the problems of poor roads, and there are many other issues such as less support for good health, education, etc. as compared to Kathmandu. There are no good, public library facilities, or good libraries within the schools either. Most of the students are from poor farm families and they can’t afford to buy school and college textbooks and other reference books. The majority are not capable of buying even their essential textbooks, so this project is to create a good library within a very nice environment in the centre of Sankhu, so that these poor students can get maximum benefits of access to textbooks and reference books as well. Care4Nepal hopes and believes that many people who know and love Nepal will be happy to contribute to this project at whatever level they are able. We accept cash donations, books and other library related materials. The estimated cost for this project is about US $7,000. The budget includes furniture, rental space for one year, computer, library cards, books, staff salary for one year, plus various miscellaneous items. A detailed budget is available upon your request.

School Project:

Running our own School: Objectives: The main objective of this project is to create long-term, sustainable support for our identified 250 needy children in terms of their education. We will run this school with a community-based participatory approach. Facilities we will provide:

  • Well qualified teachers
  • Minimum fee structure
  • Lab facilities
  • Library facilities
  • Medical facilities: A doctor check-up once per month
  • School Nurse on premises during school time
  • Playground facilities
  • Digital tutoring capabilities
  • Transportation facilities
  • Foreign volunteers
  • Etc.

Along with our 250 identified children, we will enroll other students from the community and neighboring communities with a very minimal charge for tuition and other related costs. The number of teachers and staff we will need is a maximum of 65 to handle classes from nursery level to grade twelve. The total budget we need to run our school is US $195,650 per year. The number of students we can enroll in our school is from 500 to 1000 within 3 years. The net income is expected to be around US $195,650 to cover running expenses each year. In order to begin this project, we need financial support for the initial purchase of the land, plus construction costs for the buildings, school furniture, school management, etc. The total cost for initial start-up investment is almost USD $450,000 (i.e. $1,800 per child) to insure them a better education (for almost 15 years) and thus a better life! All the details of this budget and the full plan can be obtained upon email request.

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